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Database Marketing for HVAC Companies

Database marketing for HVAC companies is used to stay top of mind with existing customers or even leads that have not closed. Text and email campaigns are great ways to create custom workflows based on how your customer is tagged.

Managing Your Outreach

The most technologically-advanced companies reach out to their contacts with promotions, current events, and reminders. Doing these things strategically will actually enhance your customer’s experience while automating the extra work that your CSRs are having to keep up with. Trust us, they’ll thank you!

Note: You will retain full access to your assets and any that our team sets up for you. We believe that your assets should be 100% owned by your company.

Database Marketing for HVAC Companies | LeadsXM

When Should You Use Campaigns?

Special Offers

Current Events



Database Marketing for HVAC Companies

Database Marketing for HVAC

Make your customer service representatives even more successful by automating the repetitive parts of your customer touch points. For instance, you know you’ve got a list of customers who need to set up their preventative maintenance appointments. Do you have a CSR call or do you have a program send out bulk text messages that link to your scheduling system? 

How Can You Effectively Use Your Customer Database?

Most HVAC companies contact their existing customers by either calling, texting, email, or mailing their customers. The problem is, if they’re at work, and you’re calling, that more of an annoyance to them than a positive thing. That’s why so many local service businesses steer away from calling and are leaning more on email and text. That being said, there’s timing that should be considered as well as the message that’s being sent out. Newsletters should only go to email, where reminders should go to both text and email. You should send out 1-2 emails monthly to each contact, but only text when an action is needed. That will stop people from opting out of your text messages.