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Social Media Marketing for HVAC Companies

Social Media Marketing for HVAC Companies is a great way to reach potential customers as well as keep you top of mind for existing customers. It has become one of the most effective ways to keep your audience engaged with your business. Post job photos, team photos, contests, events, FAQs, fun facts, and more to stay in touch with your followers

Managing Your Social Media

Advertising using social media marketing allows you to create micro-targets for your audience. Once you have the data, you can further segment messaging into Price First, Speed First, and Quality First Mindsets.

Note: You will retain full access to your assets and any that our team sets up for you. We believe that your assets should be 100% owned by your company.

Social Media for HVAC Companies | LeadsXM

Our Social Media Plans Include

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Audience Segments

Social Media Marketing for HVAC Companies | LeadsXM

Social Media Marketing for HVAC Companies

We all know it, HVAC is seasonal, so people are oftentimes not staying up to date with all the great new promotions and events that your business is participating in. Furthermore, there’s lots of other potential customers that may not yet being seeing your content on social media. That’s why boosting your posts to target audiences can be a great way to introduce your company to potential leads.

Social Media for HVAC Companies

Who do you follow on social media? How does that affect your buying decisions? Most homeowners have social media of some sort – almost everyone has a Facebook. This being said, these platforms allow businesses to pay to be seen while users are scrolling through their feeds. The largest HVAC businesses use social media to stay top of mind with their customers. 

What Does Top of Mind Mean?

Top of Mind social media marketing is simply paying for your name to be seen by potential leads. It is meant to break up the sales content with posts that are purely for easy viewing and keep your business top of mind for your followers.  These posts are imperative for keeping your audience engaged. If you have just sales posts, most people will not want to follow you.

Some great ideas for Top of Mind posts are:

  • Job photos
  • Team photos
  • Event photos
  • FAQ photos
  • Birthday announcements
  • Anniversary posts

Call to Action Posts

In social media marketing, there has to be that balance between posts that engage your audience and the ones that sell to your audience. Call to action posts are the ones that are doing the selling. You really want to limit these to just one or two per week so your audience does not get overloaded by this content type.

Some great ideas for Call to Action posts